Imorgon har jag Svenska nationella, och har tappat bort häftet man ska ha vid muntliga. Varfan kan jag få tag på det?! Fail!

I painted a picture of you, your soul was red, and your mind was blue. Destiny laid a light on my creation.
This dream i had made a slave of my passion, reality was always too far away, and we were happy until it came too close one day.
All of a sudden i faced he truth of my dream, my love had only been a picture a scene. Suppose i needed too believe, didn't want too see, you had never been close to me
I´m sorry, this illusion, has caused you a lot of pain and i have no solution I'll try to never be back again
i'm sorry
Yes i painted a picture of you, my dream was a lie and the lie became truth, reality held it's breath too long
It's disgusting what dreams can do


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