Kan inte sova

Nu sitter man uppe igen, kan inte sova... har så ont i kroppen efter vaccineringen. Undrar om jag orkar jobba.. =/

I got so much love
For you darlin' and I,
I wanna let you know how I feel

And it's true that I love you
And it's true your the only one and I do,
I adore you
And it's true

You make me feel alive

I gotta do soul searching
Without you I'm a whole different person
I ain't acting like I used to

Your love is what it was
That have me feeling
You are my true love

You make me feel alive

I get so many things that I wanna say
I guess this mean that I'm missing you
Sorry for the things that I did to you
I'm so lost without you

I got so much love
So easy to fall in love with u
And all the things that you do
Your so remarkable
So special, so wonderful

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